bateria 60 agm start Stop

Electrical specification Voltage: 12V Capacity: 60 Ah Cold cranking current: 640 A [EN] Cold cranking current: 390 A [DIN] According to EN 50342 Mechanical specification Dimensional group: L2 ETN reference: 560 901 064 DIN reference: 56001 Dimensions (LxWxH): 242x175x190 Cell Layout: 0 Terminal Type: 1 Battery classification as per EN 50342-6 Water consumption Charge retention Vibration resistance Endurance Level Micro-cycle performance W4 C2 V3 E3 M2 Weight Battery weight: 12.90 Acid weight: 5.70 Total battery weight: 18.60 Separator Type AGM Layout Container Case Material Polypropylene Bottom hold-down B13 Colour Black Date of update: 28.08.2018 Vent caps Material Polypropylene Type KAMINA Colour Black Lid Material Polypropylene Cover design KAMINA Colour Black Hold-down Handles Material Polypropylene Position Top - on lid Colour Black

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